Leadership and Practitioners

Our leadership and practitioners strive to provide a quality treatment experience each visit you make to our clinic. Not only are we focused on restoring your brain health, but we also take care to ensure safety and comfort, on top of treatment effectiveness. Learn more about the team behind Restorative Brain Clinic!


Chief Clinical Officer / Director of Psychiatry

Moses Tabe Ambilichu MD, board certified by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry finished his Residency training at St Louis University School of Medicine and the University of Missouri, Columbia School of Medicine. Learn more about him!

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Dr. Jonathan - Downar Restorative Brain Clinic - Kansas City, MO

Clinic Expert

Meet expert Dr. Jonathan Downar, author of “Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective” and partner at Restorative Brain Clinic. His research pertaining to alternative treatments for neurological issues such as depression has made him a valuable addition to the Restorative team. Learn more about him!

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Director of Marketing

Gary Nielsen is an Owner and Director of Marketing. He previously worked in Sales and Sales Management for 24 yrs with IBM. He managed sales teams across the western half of the United States with responsibility for $350 million annually. Learn more about Gary!

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William Said

Director of Business Operations

William Said is the Director of Operations of Restorative Brain Clinic. Having been involved in psychiatric clinics since 2010, his goal is to offer Evidenced based treatments, using the best available technology on the market. “My job is to ensure our staff is well trained, courteous, tuned into patient needs.” Learn more about him!

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Jamie Joyce Davis

Operations Manager

Jamie Joyce Davis RN, BSN is the operations manager at Restorative Brain Clinic. Her focus has always been to provide compassionate, patient-centered care and in doing so, to achieve the best possible outcomes. Learn more about her!

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Certified TMS Technician

Mentored by Dr. Johnathan Downar PhD / MD, renowned clinician in TMS technology, Sean is a firm believer that TMS can change patient outcomes significantly and was himself successfully treated with r-TMS. Ask him more about his own experience!

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Patient Advocate

Karen Throckmorton is from the Springfield, MO area, where she currently resides. She has a passion for helping others, healing and watching people grow.

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Billing Manager

Michelle Durbin has been in the medical billing field for twenty-five years. Her background is in Radiology, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Hematology, Lab and Psychiatry.

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Graduated summa cum laude from the Avila University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a minor in Women’s Studies.

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Finally, the Personalized Approach People Need

No two people are the same even if they’re experiencing similar symptoms, which is why our approach is revolutionary. Our individualized protocols utilize brainwave analysis to assess how different areas of the brain are functioning and reveal areas that aren’t communicating the way they should. We then use this data to develop a personalized and targeted approach aimed at bringing about healthy brain communication.

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