Michelle Durbin, Billing Manager

Michelle Durbin has been in the medical billing field for twenty-five years.  Her background is in Radiology, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Hematology, Lab and Psychiatry.  She started out scanning documents and worked her way up to being a Director, then she started training each position within a billing company on how to do their job or be more efficient in there job.  Her passion started because she was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was twenty and she wanted an insulin pump.  Her insurance company denied her request and the equipment was more money than she could afford, $5000.00.  She started researching insurance and products and within a week she had a brand new insulin pump with a year’s worth of supplies for $0.00 out of pocket.  That’s when she knew her calling in life was to help individuals who are not able to take on the fight themselves.

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